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The Benefit of Small Habits

As we still immerse ourselves in the spirit of the new year, let us embark on a deeply personal journey filled with aspirations and potential changes. In today’s post we'll explore the hidden power of small habits and how it can navigate our daily lives.

As usual, we will jump into the science and the art behind small habits, understanding how grasping seemingly small daily habits can actually benefit and shape our lives in ways we might not have thought possible.

Mindful small habits
Redirect your attention from the significant aspects and instead, concentrate on the smaller details. Remember, those little habits you embrace today are the building blocks of lasting changes. Let them gently shape your thoughts and routines in the long run. This is your chance to weave habits that will add to the purpose of your everyday life. (1)

Embarking on the new year by cherishing small steps
As we step into a new year, many of us find ourselves rekindling the flame of aspirations, vowing to chart new territories in our personal and professional lives. Insights by BJ Fogg from Stanford University, teaches us a new way to look at our goals—one that doesn't focus on big plans but values small steps. (2)

When we ponder about our work goals, the quest for satisfaction in productivity can be quite a journey. Fogg's ideas gently remind us that cultivating new work habits is to be precise and clear about our desires, which emphasises on the tiny steps that clarifies our aspirations into focus.

So, where do we dive into this transformation? We begin with a small, clear step—something simple that deeply resonates with our goals. It's the quiet first step that speaks louder than big declarations we often make when trying to change.

The Science behind Habit Formation
Neuroscientific research has shown that habits form through a cycle, a habit loop which consists of three cycles, cue, routine and reward (3). Our senses will send a signal (cue), initiating a behaviour (routine) and then the reward follows. Understanding this loop is our key to crafting habits that will finesse into a routine, like an entrepreneur dedicating fifteen minutes to writing daily, paving the way for an authorial journey—these are tales of small habits written in the scrolls of accomplishment.

As we talk about the essence of small habits, we come to appreciate their value, realising these tiny actions can enhance our ability to achieve goals and establish routines more effectively. In life’s artwork, it is not the grand gestures, but the small habits that infuse meaning into our existence. May this year, filled with self-discovery be adorned with the beauty of small habits, and may each seemingly inconsequential action contribute to the masterpiece of your well-being and fulfilment.

Happy New Year and happy living!



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