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Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal
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Zoom 3 Questions a Day Journal

3 Questions a Day Journal

$34.00 USD

Your safe space where you can exhale and just be.⁣


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What’s so special about the 3 Questions a Day Journal? Besides your inner peace.

  • 190 pages, 6 months of 3 daily questions

  • Gentle encouragements increase positivity

  • Paper storage pocket for odds and ends

  • Linen binding

  • Ribbon bookmark

  • FSC-certified cream paper

  • Three calming colour combinations

  • Travel-friendly size  (W13.5cm x H21cm x D2cm)

  • Highly giftable

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Sean Santana

3 Questions a Day Journal

Huda R
A gentle way to start living mindfully

I’ve been wanting to start journaling but couldn’t find one with the right guide/template for me. A blank notebook is far too daunting if you’re a newbie — what do I write, what is impactful and meaningful content for me, how long should I spend writing etc. On the other hand, most guided journals tend to have templates that are too rigid — could see myself feeling bored/like it’s a chore in no time. Was so pleasantly surprised to come across the 3 Questions Journal. Thoughtful questions that gently encourage you to assess your life. Love the variety of questions so far! All the details are lovingly created — from the blank date entry section at the top (you don’t feel judged if you happen to miss a day or two), to the types of questions that feel like a friendly, candid conversation over coffee with yourself on a slow weekend morning, to the little encouraging quotes at the bottom, to the journal hardcover (gives that bit more privacy/protection to the precious book). I couldn’t be happier that this is my first journal. I guess creating a v2 with different questions/quotes is a tall order but something to consider!

Angie Lim
I love how it helps me to kickstart the day! 💕

I'm a newbie to this and having this journal really helps me better reflect my day, my life and even just myself! Can't wait to complete it and read back at my growth 💕

Diyana Mustaffa
Life Changing Journal

My first thought about the journal was it’s so minimalist & luxurious. I can tell it’s made from top quality paper.

I used it for 2 weeks now & i love it helps me to refocus my day & stay organised while not forgetting about self care while i wrote about daily affirmations & gratitude. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Thank you Chai Sunrise 🥰

Productivity Game Changer

I've been using Chai Sunrise Journals since August 2022. It is indeed a productivity game changer. It keeps me focused and motivated with its elegant design and thoughtful prompts. It assists me in prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and reflecting on my progress. It improves my overall well-being to incorporate mindfulness and gratitude practices. A must-have tool for increasing productivity and personal development.

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180 guided journal entries to help you start your day write.

Each one curated to help you imagine the positive potential of the day ahead. For an act that's so simple it can be done by the time you've finished your morning brew, the possibilities for decluttering your mind, unlocking new ideas and reducing anxiety are infinite. 

Daily encouragement to make you smile.

It's true what they say, a kind word goes a long way. That's why we peppered positive reminders throughout this journal, so you can experience the ripple effect of your act of self-compassion. 

A simple way to put you first, everyday. 

When life feels too busy (or too boring) to handle, look inwards. Set your intentions, renew your inner peace. All before you've arrived at work.

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