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How to make a visual board to make your resolution come true

Scientific research indicates the significance of Self-Efficacy Theory (1), as proposed by psychologist Albert Bandura. This theory suggests that individuals who have confidence in their ability to achieve a goal are more likely to succeed. 

Vision boards, by visually representing goals, contribute to enhancing our self-efficacy, serving as a constant reminder of our capabilities and aspirations. Essentially, the Reticular Activating System (RAS), a network of neurons in the brainstem, plays a role in focusing attention. When exposed consistently to images associated with your goals, the RAS prioritises this information, heightening your awareness of opportunities and resources aligned with your aspirations. (1) 

As we step into the new year, brimming with resolutions and aspirations, let us explore below to discover the step-by–step process  of crafting a vision board to bring our goals and aspirations to life.

Choose Your Vision Board Type:

Embark on this quest by selecting the type that resonates most with your vision for the new year – be it a Theme, Reflection, or Goals Board. Feel free to adorn it with photographs, quotes, and inspirational insights that serve as gentle nudges of motivation.

Gather creativity with Materials:

Evoke the spirit of creativity by gathering materials that resonate deeply with your collective soul – clippings, posters, and photographs that exude inspiration and infographics conveying valuable insights to keep the flame of motivation burning.

Ponder Thoughtful Questions:

Take a moment for introspection. Delve into questions about your visions, priorities, and the meticulous planning required for achieving our goals. Contemplate the motivating forces within, and identify the essential tools and resources for our transformative journey.

Craft a To-Do List:

Once the treasures of your ideal visions are collected, embark on the journey of organisation. Categorise reflections into different facets of life, such as Career, Hobbies & Interests, Travel and Adventure, Finances, and Health and Wellness.

Focus on Our Priorities:

An often overlooked aspect is aligning our goals with our true desires. If, for instance, our aim is to nurture our collective inner child, ponder on childhood aspirations, seek solace in the company of those who provide a sense of security – all, in this scenario, thoughtfully placed under the Reflection Board Category. Remember to prioritise your genuine needs amidst societal expectations. (2)

Select Our Theme & Begin the Creative Process:

Give wings to your imagination to the vision board as it is essentially a canvas for your aspirations. There are no rigid rules – just your true, authentic self and inspirations crafting dreams into reality. Whether focusing on a singular idea or embracing a broader perspective, let creativity guide and be manifested into the year that is to come.

Display Where We Encounter Daily:

Upon completion, bestow a place of honour upon our vision board – a constant companion in our daily spaces, such as our nightstand, home office, or the heart of our home, the kitchen. Regular encounters with our vision board are akin to a cherished ritual, proven by research to enhance motivation and confidence, almost as potent as physical practice. (3)

Remember, our journey doesn't culminate with the creation of the vision board. As we step into the new year, allow your vision board to evolve throughout the year, fearlessly incorporating updates that align with our ever-evolving dreams and aspirations. 






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